How Rebecca Peterson Found Her Voice and Refined Her Message as a Branding Expert  [ep. 35]

Branding expert Rebecca Peterson has made some waves in the world of podcasting with her show Aesthetically Speaking, co-hosted by her sister, Abby. On a recent episode of Master Your Message, Rebecca shared her journey, providing insights into how she found her voice, refined her message, and overcame the challenges of starting a podcast. For entrepreneurs and brand strategists alike, her story is a testament to the power of podcasting in establishing expertise and growing a personal brand.

The Original Concept and Pivot

Rebecca’s podcast adventure began on a note of inspiration and a desire to deliver casual, fun content through what she thought would be called “Big Brand Energy.” However, circumstances required a swift rebrand to Aesthetically Speaking before the podcast even launched. This initial pivot served as a real-world case study discussed in episodes and highlighted the crucial branding challenges businesses often face.

Establishing a Podcasting Routine

Rebecca attributes much of her success to a committed recording schedule, which meant consistency in content delivery. Teaming up with her sister Abby played a significant role in maintaining the podcast’s momentum, creating a dynamic that welcomed spontaneity and nurtured creativity.

Podcasting as a Marketing Strategy

The thought of using her podcast purely as a lead generation tool was not Rebecca’s focus. Instead, she leveraged her show as an effective marketing apparatus that came to fruition 8 months into the journey. Aesthetically Speaking evolved into a platform that provided immense value to her target audience and sparked enriching conversations.

Showcasing Expertise and Gaining Credibility

Despite initial reluctance, Rebecca fell in love with podcasting, discovering its potential for articulating deep-seated professional viewpoints. Having a podcast on her website boosted her credibility, and engaging in this medium is now recognized as a signal of legitimacy and expertise in one’s field.

Learning to Speak with Confidence and Purpose

Acknowledging her struggles with self-doubt and the pressure of content creation, Rebecca candidly shared how she overcame these hurdles. Prepared messages and spontaneity became her tools for inspiration, leading to profound conversations and valuable, if occasionally brief, episodes. Such experiences underscore the vitality of facing discomfort head-on to communicate impactful ideas meaningfully.

The Voice of Visual Branding

One particular challenge Rebecca faced was articulating complex visual branding concepts in an auditory format. Yet, she adeptly turned this into an opportunity, prompting listeners to seek more information and visual references on her website. Rebecca explained her experiences in having to paint visuals with words and maintaining accessible yet informative discussions.

Personal and Professional Growth in Podcasting

This episode illuminated Rebecca’s evolution as she emphasized the importance of sharing authentic, meaningful content. Our conversation touched upon moments where personal life intersected with their professional narratives, offering a genuine glimpse into the lives behind the microphone.

Making Moves and Garnering Profits

Rebecca’s decision to commence her podcast in 2023 came after a period of meticulous planning. Her goal? To capitalize on a lucrative venture that went beyond the superficiality of social media. She states that the collaboration with me as her podcast manager, was instrumental to the high-caliber production of Aesthetically Speaking, proving that the right partnerships could elevate a podcast’s impact.

Mastering the Message through Podcasting

Rebecca’s story is more than an account of starting a podcast; it’s a blueprint for embracing a new way to communicate, connect, and convince. As Rebecca continues to bolster her brand and assist others in doing the same, Aesthetically Speaking stands as an example of how the medium of podcasting can be the message for today’s thought leaders.






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