Have You Considered a Private Podcast?

Maybe you are not ready to commit to a public podcast, but how about you dip your toes into what podcasting would be like by creating a PRIVATE PODCAST that can be used as a lead magnet!!!

Work on growing your email list while nurturing your audience with your fabulous content!!

With a private podcast, you record once, and then let the podcast do the job for you. No further commitment (except signing on those new clients!) 

You can provide a free podcast, or as a small offer.

Don't let another PDF go unread in inboxes...let's get your voice out there so your audience gets to know you as they listen on the go!!

A private podcast is a great way to help you grow your email list OR pairs great  alongside one of your courses!

investment $997


  • Strategy on how to use your private podcast
  • Private podcast host setup
  • Guidance on proper equipment and recording
  • Editing and production of up to 60 minutes of content - broken up into 6 short episodes, or fewer longer episodes
  • Uploading of episodes into podcast host
  • Universal link to provide to subscribers
  • Email swipe files to use as a welcome sequence for your new private podcast lead magnet
  • Instructional video on how to use your private podcast
  • 30 day Voxer support to cover any questions as you begin to implement your private podcast

What They're Saying...

I personally recommend allowing 4-6 weeks. It can be done as soon if I have availability and you have recorded, but in order to set your show up for success, we want to make sure that we have a strategy in place and proper time to get all the pieces together.

A mic is definitely a must. I recommend the ATR2100X from Amazon. It's a dynamic mic that can be used in most recording spaces. You will also want headphones. Any pair of wired headphones will work. For recording software, I use a free program called Audacity. If you plan to have guest episodes, using a program like Zencastr, Riverside or Zoom is best.

It is preferred to have all of the audio uploaded into the Google Drive 10-14 days before the desired publish date. 

The important part is to stay consistent. I recommend weekly episodes, but bi-weekly are great, too. Just stay consistent and your show should see growth.