5 Reasons Your Business Needs a Podcast [ep. 1]

I cannot believe I am starting a podcast. At the time of this episode, I just came back from an amazing mastermind retreat. I had this feeling that I needed to do more with my business.

Here I am a podcast manager, and I talk to people about how much a podcast can help their business…from all of the reasons that I’m going to give you today, to more.  

I started thinking to myself…why am I not practicing what I preach? I’ve wanted to start a podcast for a long time, but I didn’t think I had enough to say, or the crazy ole…I don’t want to start a podcast because no one’s going to listen. 

But those are my limiting beliefs.

I am starting my podcast to let you know that you can do it, too.

I am so excited to start a podcast, so that I can bring you any and all of the knowledge that I have about podcasting. 

I’ve thought about starting a podcast for so long, and it finally just hit me hard that I knew I had to just get it out there. So here I am. 

My goal with my podcast is to have people realize that you have a voice. A podcast has a purpose, whether it’s to teach, spread your message, or just advertise your business. 

There are so many reasons to start a podcast, but the reason I named mine Podcast With Purpose is because we all have a purpose. 

Our voices are the way we share that purpose. I’m going to be using my podcast to share all of the things about podcasting that could benefit your business, or help you become an expert in your field. 

I’ll be getting into my story about who I am and how I got here in episode two. But for this first one, I wanted to talk to you about 5 ways that having a podcast can benefit your business…and I’m here to do it with you. 


Before we get into this episode, I just wanted to let you know that if you’ve ever been interested in starting a podcast, or you want to know what all goes into launching one, I do have a FREE private podcast that walks you through all of the steps to get started. From getting your show up and going through the mindsets, the goals, all of the different things down to equipment.


Let’s get into the five reasons that having a podcast can really benefit your business.

If you’re like me, when I was just starting my business, I didn’t know what a funnel was. I mean, I knew what a physical funnel was and how you can take something larger and bring it down into something smaller, but I really didn’t know how it was used as a marketing funnel, or sales funnel, or all these different funnels that everyone kept talking about. 

Think of like an ice cream cone, a waffle cone, or an actual funnel you might use in the kitchen. You’ve got the wider piece at top…that is going to be your podcast. That’s your content. You’re reaching all of the people that a podcast can reach, and you slowly bring it down into the very narrow part at the bottom. 

Repurposing content is a great way to do this. An episodes could be turned into a blog, an email, Instagram – a story, post, carousel, short video reels…all of the different things. 

You are constantly promoting your offers on your podcast. Whether it be services, physical products, digital products, courses, whatever it is that you are working to help other people with. You take that information and you get those people on your email list and you nurture them, and you bring them down that funnel to eventually purchase from you.  They’re trusting you and they’re buying from you. 

That’s exactly why I’m starting this podcast. I wanted to reach more people, and to let them know just how passionate I am about helping others with a podcast.  I figured that this was the time for me to practice what I preach and start one of my own. So here I am. 

Podcasts are at the top of the marketing funnel. Think of it as that bigger piece up at the top, and you’re bringing your audience down into that little tiny piece at the bottom, which is actually purchasing from you.


If you are giving your audience information on what you know, you’re essentially becoming the expert. Even if you just know 10% more than someone else, you are teaching them. 

Think about when you were in school. You may have helped your fellow classmate out with a math problem, or some assignment. You were teaching them in a way that they didn’t get it from someone else. So whether or not there are hundreds of other people doing exactly what you do, there’s only one you that can tell it the way you do. 

Become an expert in what you are providing, selling, whatever it might be, and bring people to come learn more about your topic. 

Using a podcast is such a great way to share your knowledge. People can read all day (just like this blog), but let’s think about it from another standpoint. How often do you sit and read every word in someone’s caption? Maybe the reel catches your eye, maybe the post catches your eye, you love stories because they’re talking and they’re quicker, but you can’t give everybody everything you have to say. 

With a podcast…you can. You don’t want it to be hours and hours long. However, you can say more than what someone is reading. 

You know more than they do. Create that credibility for yourself.


I’ve talked about this just a tad, but if you think about social media, you’re fighting an algorithm. We all know that the reels are what’s popular right now. Just today I saw that pictures are coming back, so we never know what’s happening. 

I actually have a love hate relationship with social media. I tend to like to consume more than I like to provide content on, hence one of the many reasons for starting the podcast. 

Only 6% of your audience (somewhere I’ve heard that it’s even less than that) are seeing your post and any stories that you’re putting out there. Not to mention your stories disappear in 24 hours, unless you save them to a highlight. Even then, they have to be on your page to go find that highlight. 

With a podcast, it’s uploaded, and stays there. It’s not going anywhere until it’s taken down. 

Think about how many more people you can reach.

And with good SEO, your show can be found so much easier than on social media. You can be found through Google! 

Those things to think about as far as what platform you really want to provide your content on. Or, if you’re trying to reach as many people as you can, you might want to think about a podcast. See how many more people you can reach.

Again, with social media, there’s only so many people that you can reach out to.


Have you ever heard that a brand is not just your colors and your fonts? When I first started my business, I thought I had to pick the perfect colors. I had to have the right font. Just so you know…it’s changed probably 500 times since I started, and no one notices. 

When people are listening to your voice, sharing your knowledge and your story, they get to know you. You are your brand. They learn to grow, like, and trust you. In return, they come back to you and want to hear what the next thing you have to say is. 

There are so many times I have listened to a host on a podcast, and when I get to talk to them (whether it’s on Zoom, or actually finally getting to meet some in person), it’s like you already know who they are. When in reality, you just heard them talking on a podcast. It’s kind of cool. 

You might be listening to a show that maybe you don’t quite need the content they’re giving, but you just love their energy and their personality, and that keeps you listening to them. 

There are so many podcasts that I listen to. I’m not an email marketer, but I listen to maybe get some advice and tips. Or I might be listening to someone who’s a Pinterest manager, or whatever it might be (I’m just throwing random things out there now) but sometimes you just listen to them because they tell their story through their episodes. 

That’s one of the reasons that some of these podcast hosts keep me hanging on.

That’s something that you want. If you want someone to know who you are, and build those relationships, then maybe a podcast is for you. Eventually, in the long run, they’re coming back to you, and could eventually end up being your customer or a client. 


Podcasts are evergreen. Like I said before, they are not going away unless you delete them. I really have never heard of a podcast app just completely disappearing like Instagram and Facebook have in the past., so it gives you a little bit more control. You put your content out there…it’s not going away. 

If you want to go binge listen to someone’s podcast from two or three years ago, you can find it. Instagram isn’t quite so easy. You’d have to scroll a way down and try to figure out the dates. But just listening to a podcast, you have that ability to go find what you want, and listen to the ones you want. They’re not going away. 

New listeners can come and find the old episodes. They can start from episode one, even though you might be on episode 200. Listeners can start with 200 and go down. They can choose. 

Because it’s long form content, you can always come back to an episode and create more content from it. Find what people liked, and you can use that to create more. See what topics your audience wants to hear by the download numbers. 

If you already have a podcast, and an episode is doing really well, your listeners clearly want to hear more of that. So take that and run with it. 


After I made my private podcast, and guested on a few other shows, I just knew I loved it. Starting a podcast came to my mind at the end of last summer going into fall, but I didn’t know if I was ready. I didn’t know if I’d have enough content. I didn’t know if people would want to hear what I have to say. Then I started thinking, I’m going to do a private podcast first, put that out there…I obviously already love the back end of podcasts being a podcast manager, but there was just something about being behind the mic. It’s fun!

I feel like I’m talking to my friends. No one is responding to me right now, so please reach out to me, so I’m not just talking to my mic 😂. But either way, my mic is here for me, and it’s letting me reach you.  


The five main reasons that your business needs, can use, or you should want to have a podcast are: 

  1. Podcasts are the top of the marketing funnel – bring them in from the top and funnel them down. 
  2. Create that credibility  
  3. You can reach more people
  4. Build those relationships and your brand awareness 
  5. Long-form content. 

And the bonus: it’s fun. 

Now that you’ve read the reasons, and if you feel like a podcast is right for you, check out my free private podcast. It’ll take you through the steps of launching your show, and see if it’s right for you. 

If you already have a podcast and you are to the point where you need more help, reach out to me. And as always, I’m absolutely here for you. I love helping someone take an idea and turn it into something amazing that can benefit others. 

If you have any questions, if there’s something I can help you with, please reach out. 


  • Free Private Podcast Launch Guide – listen to 6 short episodes to find out if launching a podcast is what your business needs. I walk you through the steps of what it takes to start a podcast, from the prep to equipment to recording.



How would you feel if you could put social media aside, and speak to your audience in a way that resonates with them? Podcasting can give you that and so much more!

Do you envision having a podcast as part of your business? Would you love to know the ins and outs of what it takes to have a podcast? How can it affect your business and YOU? Maybe you’ve considered a podcast, but you don’t know where to start, or how to keep up with all of the tasks. 

Welcome to Podcasting With Purpose/Hello Podcaster! Your host, Allison Nitsch, is a former teacher turned podcast manager, on a mission to support entrepreneurs with launching and managing their own show/podcast. 

With this podcast you will learn how having your own show can help bring more eyes on your business, find out if podcasting is for you, and give you some strategic steps to getting a show out and into the ears of those who need it.