How Often Should You Be Releasing Episodes? [ep. 45]

Hey Master Your Message listeners! Welcome back to another exciting discussion from our podcast. Today, we touched on one of the most frequently asked questions I get from clients: How often should I be releasing episodes? and Which day of the week is the best? 

If you’ve been wondering about these same questions, you’re in the right place.

Consistency: Key to Building Trust and Relevance

When it comes to the frequency of releasing podcast episodes, the overarching theme is consistency. To see sustained growth and to establish a lasting connection with your audience, I recommend a weekly release schedule. Here’s why:

1. Top of Mind Awareness: Regular weekly episodes keep you relevant. Imagine if you disappeared from social media for months—your audience would likely forget about you. The same principle applies to podcasting.

2. Build and Maintain Trust: Frequent episodes allow listeners to get to know you better. They learn from your insights and begin to trust your expertise.

3. Content for New Listeners: A rich library of episodes entices new listeners to binge your content and get hooked on your show.

While a weekly schedule is ideal, a biweekly release plan (every other week) isn’t wrong. It might just take longer to see the same level of growth. The main pitfall of biweekly episodes is that listeners may forget your schedule, potentially losing interest over time.

Overcoming Challenges: Making Time for Your Podcast

I get it—life gets busy, and maintaining a weekly episode schedule can feel overwhelming. I’m dealing with it too. Summertime with kids at home and new puppies has flipped my schedule upside down. Yet, I remain committed to delivering valuable content. Here are some strategies to help:

⭐Batch Recording: Recording multiple episodes at once can save time and ensure you always have content ready to go.

⭐Prioritize and Schedule: Dedicate specific times in your week purely for podcasting. Stick to this schedule as if it were a non-negotiable meeting.

⭐Remember Your Why: Stay connected to the reasons you started podcasting. This motivation can fuel your commitment through busy times.

Choosing the Best Day for Your Podcast Episodes

So, what’s the best day of the week to release your podcast? The answer is nuanced:

– Monday through Thursday: These days are generally more effective as people are more engaged with educational and professional content during the weekdays.

– Fridays and Weekends: These are hit-or-miss. While some people might catch up on podcasts over the weekend, the engagement rate can be lower.

Ultimately, if your listeners love your content, they’ll tune in regardless of the day. However, aiming for weekday releases can help optimize initial listenership, which is crucial for visibility on podcast platforms.

Experiment and Analyze

If you’re unconvinced by traditional wisdom, test different days. Run your podcast on one day for a few months, then switch and compare analytics. This method can provide firsthand insight into what works best for your audience.

Stay Tuned for More Tips

We’ll continue exploring more strategies to help you navigate podcasting:

– How to Market Your Podcast

– Effective Batching Techniques

– Expert Guest Insights on Podcast Growth

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