You’ll Never Start if it Has to be Perfect [ep. 38]

Perfectionism can be a crippling enemy, especially when it comes to launching a new venture like a podcast, business, or any creative project. In the latest episode of “Master Your Message,” I delve into why waiting for the perfect moment or perfect setup can hold you back from achieving your dreams. Drawing from my personal experience and the journey of my clients, I’m able to share invaluable insights on taking imperfect action towards your goals.

Breaking the Perfectionism Barrier

In this episode, I confess my own struggles with perfectionism. I admit that it significantly delayed my entrepreneurial journey. It finally took me taking imperfect action to realize the things I enjoyed, and better yet, what I knew I did not want in my business.

Waiting to have everything perfectly aligned before starting is a common pitfall. Whether it’s getting the perfect microphone for a podcast or waiting to become an expert in a field, these delays can prevent us from even getting off the ground.

The Power of Starting

The main point to this episode is the simple yet profound truth: you have to start somewhere. I didn’t start gaining clients until I finally decided to put myself out there — imperfectly. Here lies the heart of the message: imperfect action is better than no action at all.

Learning as You Go

Waiting until you have it all together, only delays the good that can come from it. It’s like a baby learning how to walk. No child ever waits to start walking only when they can do it perfectly. They stumble, fall, but most importantly, they do not wait to start walking only when they feel they are ready. This natural process of learning and development is a crucial lesson for us all — growth and perfection come through action, not inaction.

Practical Steps to Overcome Perfectionism

Here is some practical advice for anyone hesitating to start their podcast (or any venture for that matter) due to fears of imperfection:

  • Start Small: Just like training for a marathon starts with the first mile, begin your project with small, manageable steps.
  • Embrace the Learning Curve: Every episode, every attempt, is a learning opportunity. Improvement is a journey, not a destination.
  • Seek Support: Having a mentor, podcast manager, or a business buddy can help narrow down and refine your ideas and approach, giving you a clearer direction and more confidence to proceed.

Don’t wait for perfection. As you may have heard in episode 35, my client, Rebecca Peterson found her true voice and message by simply doing and refining her podcast content regularly. 

Let Master Your Message be your inspiration this week to take a step forward in your journey. Imperfection is not just acceptable; it is necessary. It’s through action that we find our path and improve upon it. 

Remember, every giant leap started with an unsteady step. Don’t let the pursuit of perfection be the enemy of your potential. 

Start now, refine later, and let your journey unfold wonderfully, one imperfect step at a time.

If you’re hovering on the edge, waiting to make everything perfect, I’d love to hear from you and possibly help guide you through these initial steps. Reach out, share your thoughts, or seek advice by connecting with me @allisonnitsch

Let’s embrace imperfection together and make something great happen.





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