How Great Customer Service Landed in Me Getting a New Client & Free Cookies [ep. 22]

Have you ever experienced exceptional customer service that made you not only want to return but also compelled you to share your experience with others? In this episode of She Podcasts With Purpose, I share how great customer service played a significant role in gaining a new client and even getting free cookies🍪.

This podcast episode delves into the importance of treating clients and customers well and how it directly impacts business growth and success.

The Great Experience

One of my family visits to Texas Roadhouse (an amazing restaurant), we had such exceptional service provided by their waiter, we are still talking about it a month later. From being attentive to our needs, to going above and beyond by giving us more rolls than we could eat, to his humor…the experience left a lasting impression. 

Not only that, my 15 year-old son was so impressed…that he offered a generous tip. I loved that he saw the value of exemplary customer service.

Importance of Building Relationships

While it’s essential to provide excellent service, there’s a fine line between being attentive and coming across as too pushy. Building genuine relationships with customers is crucial in creating a positive and lasting impression.

The Impact on Business

The way you treat your clients and customers has a direct impact on business growth and client retention. I was able to gain a new client simply because of the exceptional communication and guest management skills that I provided for another client. The way you speak to people can truly pay off.

Unexpected Rewards

To share a few lighthearted experiences, I received free cookies not once, but twice, from two different fast food chains, simply for being polite and appreciative. These anecdotes serve as a reminder that kindness and good manners can sometimes lead to unexpected rewards.

I want to encourage you to consider their own experiences with exceptional customer service and I invite you to share your stories. 

In conclusion, this episode highlights how the way we treat others, whether they are clients, customers, or even service providers, has a substantial impact on our professional and personal lives. It serves as a powerful reminder to always be mindful of how we treat others and the potential positive outcomes that may result from providing outstanding customer service.



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