When is the Right Time to Hire a Podcast Manager? [ep. 11]

Are you ready to hire a podcast manager? 

I might be a bit biased, but with everything involved in managing a podcast, it’s probably a great idea to outsource your podcast management. 

You can easily save yourself a lot of time by investing in a podcast manager. 

Yes, it is a business investment rather than a business expense. 

I will share some advice around what you should know or figure out before hiring a podcast manager in this post.

What Can a Podcast Manager Help With?

First, let’s touch on what a podcast manager actually does. I went over a lot of the tasks last week, but I want to say it again for anyone who missed it.

Most podcast managers offer a variety of services, from episode editing to show notes and everything in between. 

Basically, you can outsource everything to do with your podcast management except for recording. 

Before You Hire a Podcast Manager

Here is a quick list of things you should think about before hiring a podcast manager.

1) What Are Your Podcast Goals?

The first thing you should figure out before hiring a podcast manager is what your goals are for your show. Not only your podcast as a whole, but your goals with outsourcing. 

You should know which type of tasks you want to outsource when it comes to your podcast management. 

Do you want to outsource everything, so all you have to do is record the podcast episodes? Or do you still want to handle specific tasks like social media? 

2) Know What Your Podcast Workflow and Schedule Looks Like

Along with tasks, the second step of hiring a podcast manager is knowing what your podcast workflow and schedule look like for your podcast. 

Knowing ahead of time how many episodes you’re going to have each month will allow you to find a podcast manager that can create a package that will work for you and your budget. 

You’ll also want to consider as far ahead of time as possible when you will be taking a podcast break so that your podcast manager can prepare in advance. 

3) Know Your Budget

Lastly, you should figure out and know your budget when it comes to outsourcing to a podcast manager. 

Depending on your budget, you might need to adjust the tasks that the podcast manager will be taking over for you. Or it might take a little bit of research on your part to find a podcast manager that is within your budget. 

Generally, an experienced podcast manager is going to start at around $800 per month if you want to hand everything over.

When to Know if You Are Ready to Hire a Podcast Manager 

If you have thought through all of the tasks you should complete before you outsource, and still wonder if you are ready…here are some signs you need a podcast manager:

  1. You are overwhelmed by the administrative tasks.
  2. You don’t know where to start with launching a podcast.
  3. Your podcast is growing, and you need more time to focus on content creation.
  4. You are struggling to keep up with the editing and production workload.
  5. You are not achieving your goals, despite all your effort.
  6. You’ve hit a plateau in your downloads and engagement.

If any of these apply to you…and you have the means to outsource…you are ready for a podcast manager!!

Ready to Hire a Podcast Manager?

Once you have a few things figured out, as we’ve mentioned above, you’re now ready to find the perfect podcast manager for your business and your podcast. 

I’d love to help you take some of these podcast tasks off your plate! 

Check out my services page for more information, or book a call if you want to chat and have any questions about my services. 




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