Different Ways to Come Up With Content for Your Podcast [ep. 4]

Have you ever wondered: Would I even have enough content to start a podcast? Well, my friend, that is exactly what today’s episode is all about. I’m going to walk you through all of the ways that you can, and will, have enough content for your podcast. 


One of the many questions I get is: How much content do you need to start a podcast? Well, the funny thing is, you probably have more content than what you do need to start a podcast. 

But in the event that you feel lost, or you just don’t know where to start, I’m going to walk you through some steps that will get you started. Then the content will just start pouring in. 

Believe me! When I started thinking about this podcast, I sort of had the same concerns. I mean, how much can one really talk about podcasting? But if you follow the steps that I did, you will come up with enough content. 


The first step is to repurposing old content. If you’ve been in your business for any length of time, you have content that you can repurpose. Now normally, we look at a podcast as the starting point of our content funnel, as I talked about in a previous podcast episode. But if you already have something that you’ve posted on a blog, social media, or an email…record it as an episode. 

You can go much more in depth when you’re talking about it. And that way, should your listeners come upon your podcast episode first, it still does funnel down into the other points of content. 


The second thing you can look at when you are trying to figure out what content to record is…think of all the questions that you’re getting asked in your business.

For example, I get asked the question about having enough content, so I then created it into a podcast episode. 

Think about your audience’s pain points. What are they asking for? What do they need? 

The answers to these questions are most likely the content you create anyway. Turn that into an episode. 

As I stated, being asked about how to have enough content for a podcast, I just essentially turned this into a podcast episode all in itself. I’m able to answer it in a better way than I could on a social media posts per say. 


Another thing I want you to think about is one of the tips I learned along the way…do Google searches. I don’t know if you have ever tried this before, but start typing in a pain point, or a question that you think your ideal listener might be asking, into the Google search bar. For example, if you’re a social media manager, and let’s say your client might be looking up how to post on Instagram. Start typing in the Google search bar “how to post on Instagram”, and see what pops up. It’ll give you a list of the most commonly asked questions. Look through those and see what questions that are being Googled, and turn those into episodes. 

You could also scroll down to the bottom of a Google search page to find more. Let’s say you type in “how to post on Instagram,” scroll all the way to the bottom, and the Google search page is going to give you another section of frequently asked questions or related topics. 

There’s so much more that you can come up with just by doing some of these Google searches. That’s exactly what I did. It’s just a quicker way to figure out what people are asking Google? If they are asking Google, they’re looking for answers. So give them their answers. Turn it into an episode. And you can take off with that. 


Another thing you can think of is, who are your listeners? What do they need to know? Maybe your audience hasn’t exactly asked you specific questions, or they haven’t been talking to you about some things that you think that they might need, but if you feel like they need to know a certain point, use that for content. 

Have you ever heard one of your favorite influencers say, “nobody asked this, but I’m going to tell you anyway? I see that all the time. 

They are either showing something that they’ve used or done at home, maybe a product, whatever it might be, knowing that their audience didn’t ask about it, but they knew someone needed to know about it. Sometimes those products end up being something that their audience loves.  Maybe it’s something you would have never known about unless they shared it. I know so many times influencers on Instagram get me, and I purchase right there. So maybe no one asked you a certain question, but if you feel it would provide value to your audience, provide it. Sometimes your audience doesn’t know what to ask, or how to ask. Especially when they don’t even know about it. So help them out a little bit. 


Another step is to use the content that does well. If you have a social media post that gets lots of interaction, find a way to give them more of that. If you already have a podcast, and you are trying to figure out what else to talk about, look at your downloads,  and see which ones were downloaded the most. That’s obviously something that your audience is looking to find answers to. Change it up and take a spin on that topic. Add more to it, go more in depth, whatever you might need to do, but you can see which episodes (or other content) are doing well, and provide more. 


I promise you, you will have more content than you know what to do with the more you start planning it out. More will come to you as you go. It’s just going to take a little bit of digging. 

Getting started is not as hard as you think. You have an idea. I think it gets to the point after you get started where it might seem a little bit harder, but that’s when you just have to go back and look at what you’ve done, and see what your audience wants more of. 

Just to recap, the best ways you can come up with content for your podcast:

  • Repurpose what you already have, especially if you’re just starting
  • Use what your listeners are asking for. If you’ve been asked questions, run with it, tell your listeners what you think they need to know. 
  • Use the content that does well, especially if you already have a podcast, or social media content that’s been doing really well. 

I hope this information was helpful for you. You can always ask me more questions, send me a DM on Instagram and let me know how you’re going to come up with some content. And if you’re stuck, let me see if I can help you out. I will see you next time.


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